With today’s web, having an SSL certificate on your website that shows a green HTTPS icon in your visitor’s browser is a must. Not only does it drastically help with SEO, it also ensures transactions between your website and your visitor are encrypted and hacker proof-ish to a certain extent.… Continue Reading AWS Magic: Adding Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate to Amazon Linux

For one of my clients, we had to migrate a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server to Microsoft Exchange 365 in one night. Lots of shared mailboxes had to be migrated by hand and it’s authorized users required to be added one by one through the interface as there was no feature… Continue Reading PowerShell: Adding Office 365 Group Members to an Exchange Shared Mailbox

A few months ago, Google released a new Javascript library, named gtag.js to replace it’s already 7 years old analytics.js. It claims to bring in simpler deployment for website owners and better Google Products integration (such as Google Adwords Tracking). Let’s have a look into the key differences and what… Continue Reading Google Analytics: From analytics.js to gtag.js